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Xuantonic is a virtual experience that takes place through the lens of fallen human scum. In order to take accountability for his wrongdoings, the player is sent to navigate through physical manifestations of his mistakes prior to his death. Failing the moral dilemmas can bring drastic consequences, and can change the outcome of Xuan's journey.

Note: Xuantonic is pronounced WON-TON-ICK.

This game was developed in 7 days whilst learning the engine/program for the first time. All music/SFX/sprite art/animations composed exclusively during the development period.

Meet The Cast:

Xuan Harp ---> Christ couldn't save him if he tried.

The Consultant ---> Equipped with the attention span of a rodent.

Chump Guard ---> Keeping the corruption afloat 24/7.

Lump ---> Ferocious taste for bleeding eardrums.

Wabbit Lass ---> Minimalistic worldview with a dismal taste for chaos.

Asshead ---> Cheeky rat bastard.

Phiona Bug ---> Zero tolerance for cowardice.


Game Developed by 2eachisown

Soundtrack Composed by 2eachisown

Characters Designed by 2eachisown

SFX Composed by 2eachisown

Base Tileset (Altered) Created by Paul Barden ["Damian Gasinski aka Gassasin"] 


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Xuantonic (Windows/PC).zip 220 MB
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It's a pretty weird game, but it is pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's not cool enough for me to try again after dying.

Sorry it took so long 

This was definitely one of those unique experiences. It's like an action/puzzle game with strains of existentialism, spiritualism, freedom of expression and questionable relationships with odd-looking pan-dimensional beings.

You play as Xuan (or possibly not), someone who has (potentially) died and is now basically wandering through some kind of odd purgatory simulation to be cleansed (of sins, presumably). You're helped(?) along the way by The Consultant, who seems to have ulterior motives of their own.

Honestly, this game raises a lot more questions than answers but I also think that's kind of the point. It's a real art piece of a game, oddly beautiful but smothered in glittery slime that both adds to and detracts from the whole experience.

I'm giving this a recommendation purely for the wacky aesthetics of it, and so you can maybe slot in some of your own theories!

Keep up the awesome work dev, this was something different for sure! =)

I really enjoyed this game the music was lit for an indie game the drugs seemed like they were pretty lit in creation definitely worth the play through my only complaints are the ending I wish there was more explaining what happened or showing more of what the main character had actually done I know the game kinda tells you but more context would have made it feel a bit better seemed super rushed at the most important part to make the heroes journey feel worth it or make me realize even more what kind of a turd he was and idk if it was a glitch but my first time going (23:41 in the video) through the 2nd area obstacles with the speedy bois the first time through the two speedy bois lined up together were offset making it near impossible the second time through they were lined up not sure if that was a glitch or what https://youtu.be/rpiyZv3HDc8

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